PP+K has been honored with some of the industry's most prestigious awards for both Creative and Strategic excellence.




Graphis Platinum Award

Top 10 Advertising Campaigns in the world

O'Toole Award

Top Creative Shop Under 100 employees

Jay Chiat Award

Strategic Excellence



Make a statement. No, wait, don’t just make a statement—make the RIGHT statement. Show up, and show the world who we are: creators, explorers, innovators, inventors, instigators, and facilitators banded together to change the world. We believe that average is the enemy, and excellence the expectation. No one needs to give us permission to do something incredible. Our only boundaries are what we haven’t yet done. One day, we’ll look around and realize that we’ve created the world around us. Our time is now. Our place is here. Our voice will be heard.

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OUR Approach

From the initial concept to the finishing touches, you're getting the passion and professionalism of our entire team.

Brand Strategy

Big Idea

Communications Strategy

It starts with a comprehensive plan that separates and elevates us in the minds of our consumers.

From there, we develop how the brand strategy comes to life.

Here’s the sexy part of the job – and it’s where all our hard work pays off.