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We are a collective of inspired individuals. A complimentary blend of styles and skill sets united by one singular vision. We are an amazingly passionate, intelligent, strategic, and collaborative group of marketing and business minds that come together with one goal – to Unite and Take Over.

Brand Solutions

Too many brands initiate quick-fix band-aids hoping that they will alleviate, or cover up, problems within their business without truly understanding what the problem is and where it stems from.

Brand Solutions starts by taking a step back. In order to look at your brand in an objective manner, you must hit the brakes and remove yourself from your day-to-day grind and see what is really occurring. We understand that this may be a scary and time-consuming step to undertake, but we believe that this will be the most impactful part of the process to evolve your brand.


Brand Elements

The definition of a “full service, integrated agency” has changed. Once it meant having creative, account management, strategy and media in-house. Then agencies introduced interactive/digital, but the title “full service” still wasn’t fully accurate.

PP+K is redefining what it means to be a “full service, integrated agency”.

We have collected the essential “Elements” that are required to identify and develop Brand Solutions into one unit, which works together seamlessly on a daily basis. By creating this in-house collective, we are able to create and execute every piece of the puzzle, rather than parceling out projects to extraneous partners who don’t know your brand, or goals, as intimately as we do. What this means to our clients is not only a campaign that cohesively solves business needs, but also makes the most out of our clients’ budgets.

Brand Elements is the future of our industry and PP+K is leading the collective movement.

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