Account Supervisor – Tampa

The Account Supervisor position requires the ability to manage and lead the agency’s day-to-day relationship with key client contacts. The Account Supervisor position requires the ability to successfully focus the efforts of agency personnel so that projects are completed as proposed – on time, within budget and with a minimum of disruption to daily activity of client or agency.



  • Outline expectations of, and communicate effectively with, agency team members
  • Effectively assign, delegate, coordinate and monitor the work of agency staff members assigned to client projects
  • Demonstrate an investment in the agency/client “team” to develop and support a positive mindset about the work, the client and the agency staff that is involved
  • Establish rapport and trust with a range of staff members assigned to your account(s) – acknowledging the expectations of and on others, identifying team and project needs, remaining open to considering multiple points-of-view
  • Provide a model for project leadership – prepared and pro-active, thorough and accurate
  • Encourage and demonstrate unity behind team and agency decision-making
  • Effectively incorporate senior staffers from account management as well as other departments as project objectives or issues warrant
  • Clearly establish objectives and priorities for client initiatives
  • Help develop, articulate, and adhere to, agreed upon strategies
  • Establish clear objectives and day-to-day priorities for yourself
  • Effectively plan and organize the work of you and your team – handling multiple projects efficiently, effectively and productively
  • Provide effective and efficient oversight of agency resources to ensure projects are delivered as promised in terms of time, budgets and results
  • Be able to adapt to workload and working conditions while maintaining a positive attitude and professional demeanor
  • Develop and demonstrate a clear, comfortable, persuasive presentation style for both formal and informal settings
  • Deliver concise, accurate and actionable accounts of meetings and discussions
  • Contribute to project and/or annual client planning documents
  • Prepare accurate and timely internal communication: creative briefs, job starters, change orders, media plan requests, buy authorizations, timelines and estimates
  • Prepare accurate and timely external communication: point-of-view support, conference reports, recaps, timelines, estimates and weekly status reports
  • Positive attitude – a high level of enthusiasm, motivation and resilience . . . a sense of urgency to obtain results . . . an ability to maintain a positive attitude when under pressure . . . an ability to keep things in perspective.


  • Candidate must be a proven team leader and accomplished project manager, experienced with managing multiple TV, video, radio, print, OOH and collateral assignments at the same time
  • Serve as a brand steward with a keen attention-to-detail
  • Build strong, lasting client/agency relationships based on making progress in achieving clients’ marketing objectives
  • Maintain positive morale and sense of teamwork among agency staff assigned to your accounts



  • Bachelors degree required
  • Agency experience 5+ years


*Background check required.