PP+K Connects Bright House Customers to What Really Matters

PP+K’s latest work for Bright House Networks aims to connect customers to something more than channels, networks and bandwidth.

“First Dance,” launching with 60-second broadcast buys, follows the story of a young boy and his quest to win the heart of a girl, while organically weaving in Bright House services and products along the way. The spot takes the viewer on an authentic, heartwarming ride – complete with twists, emotional arcs and subtle clues that help you see the story in a new way with each subsequent viewing.

“A boy figuring out how to impress a girl is a timeless story,” explains Paul Prato, Creative Director at PP+K. “What’s different is that technology is now so intuitive and integrated into our lives that it creates new means to fulfill this type of personal journey.”

“First Dance” is the first commercial to break in what will be the ongoing “Connecting Friends” campaign, a collaboration between PP+K and Serial Pictures. It was shot on location in LA with director Matt Bieler. Editorial, post-production and original music were completed at PP+K’s Tampa office by their full-service, internal production house.

Going forward, the “Connecting Friends” campaign will continue to pursue common themes that truly matter in people’s lives: love, learning, self-improvement, family and friendship. Look for additional spots to begin airing early next year.

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